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Spread the word! It's the greatest story never told.

One of the most famous names in world football, the Rangers hold an almost unique position in the game. No club from the same era can claim as distinguished a history, as high a trophy count or such a large and loyal fanbase as the Light Blues. In fact, no other club in football can claim to have amassed more than Rangers’ 107 major trophies and the record home crowd for a domestic match of 118,567 is unsurpassed by all British clubs.

The late 1860s and early 1870s was when football first took its grip on Scotland and it was in February of 1872 that four teenagers – Moses and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath - decided to form their own club, with Moses offering the name “Rangers.” The early days of the Rangers were very much a family affair with two more McNeils joining Peter Campbell’s brother and Alex and Tom Vallance. Despite having no strips, no ground to call their own and not even a ball, the Rangers survived and would evolve with the city of Glasgow to become Scotland’s premier club.


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